Pisco Routes

Gran Hotel Bolívar

What makes this bar so unique and special is that you can try its emblem drink: the Pisco sour Catedral, and have the pleasure to drink it, also pure, while you enjoy the different views from its balcony towards the Plaza San Martin, as well as appreciate its colonial decoration. Address: Jiron de la Union 958, Historical center of Lima.

Hotel Maury

If you are looking for a welcoming atmosphere and with history, this bar is ideal. The Maury Hotel was one of the most acknowledged hotels in Lima from the middle of the last century up to ends of the 80’s. It re-opened its doors in February 2000, completely remodeled and with a restaurant-bar where we breathe that ancient Lima impregnated in its walls, its mirrors, its pictures, and one of its emblems, its pisco sour. Address: Jiron Ucayali 201, historical center of Lima.

English Bar

History and a nice atmosphere are mixed in this bar located in the Country Hotel. Visited by out-standing political representatives, the art, the letters and the spectacle, just like the French chief Charles de Gaulle, the American president Richard Nixon, the writer Ernest Hemingway, the actress Aya Gardner, the actor John Wayne, the musician Mick Jagger and many others who enjoyed the famous Pisco sour, considered one of the best of Lima. Address: Los Eucaliptos 590, San Isidro.

Pisco Museum

This bar is completely dedicated to celebrate the exquisite Peruvian Pisco. In the same way, offers the pure Pisco and in its different varieties that you can choose and combine to enjoy as you please. Address: Jiron Junin 201, Historical center of Lima.