Pisco La Torre

Tradition from the beginning to the end

Obeying the traditional Pisco mixing process created in the middle of XVIIth century, Pisco La Torre is elaborated with Quebranta grape only, the Peruvian Pisco grapevine for excellence and unique in the world, it maintains the real flavor and aroma of the Pisco, the emblem of Peru.

The process to prepare La Torre Pisco is an art. A techno-handcraft work is more than 100 years old. It starts between February and March with the harvest and selection of the best Quebranta grapes cultivated in the beautiful Nasca valley in Ica region, the ideal place to get the best fruits.

Then we plant the grape, we prune, fertilize and defoliate it, and we start the winery process, respecting the centenary tradition. It is an all year work where the perfection of the Pisco is achieved.

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